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Board of Directors Corporate Officers

Corporate Officers

Photo of Bernard J. Duroc-Danner
Bernard J. Duroc-Danner
Photo of Krishna Shivram
Krishna Shivram
Photo of Dharmesh B. Mehta
Dharmesh B. Mehta
Photo of Douglas M. Mills
Douglas M. Mills
Photo of Antony J. Branch
Antony J. Branch
Photo of Karen David-Green
Karen David-Green

We are honored to serve Weatherford and are dedicated to working together to implement strategies that create a better workplace for our employees and partnership with our clients.

Weatherford Corporate Officers
Photo of E. Kyle Chapman
E. Kyle Chapman
Photo of Lance R. Marklinger
Lance R. Marklinger
Photo of Ernest L. Dunn
Ernest L. Dunn
Photo of Natalia G. Shehadeh
Natalia G. Shehadeh
Photo of James C. Parent
James C. Parent
Photo of Jennifer L. Presnall
Jennifer L. Presnall
Photo of Paul A. Timmins
Paul A. Timmins
Photo of Steve Fulgham
Steve Fulgham
Photo of James Lukey
James Lukey