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Photo of Bernard J. Duroc-Danner
Bernard J. Duroc-Danner
Photo of David J. Butters
David J. Butters
Photo of Emyr Jones Parry
Emyr Jones Parry
Photo of Guillermo Ortiz
Guillermo Ortiz

Weatherford has made tremendous progress in 2014. As your Board of Directors, we are honored and proud to have helped guide Weatherford through the Company's turnaround, and we look forward to building upon this success in 2015.

Weatherford Board of Directors
Photo of Robert A. Rayne
Robert A. Rayne
Photo of William E. Macaulay
William E. Macaulay
Photo of John D. Gass
John D. Gass
Photo of Robert K. Moses, Jr.
Robert K. Moses, Jr.
Photo of Francis S. Kalman
Francis S. Kalman
Photo of Mohamed A. Awad
Mohamed A. Awad