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Providing Faster, Better Life of Well Decisions with Global Laboratory Services

Understanding reservoir parameters is crucial to developing every project. With accurate knowledge of core and fluid properties, clients are able to make informed predictions about exploration, development and production results. Without this knowledge, determining the economic feasibility of the reservoir is virtually impossible. At Weatherford Laboratories, we provide the “ground truth” that leads to better decisions throughout the life of the well.

Weatherford Laboratories brings together an unsurpassed global team of geoscientists, engineers, technicians and researchers with the industry's most comprehensive, integrated laboratory services worldwide. We offer our clients complete rock and fluid analysis solutions that include core retrieval, analysis, management and storage. 

World map showing Weatherford laboratory locations
  • 40 laboratories

  • 21 countries

  • 01 worldwide resource

We integrate a comprehensive range of fluid and core analysis services for the life of the well that enable clients to understand its dynamic properties and take action to mitigate risk and maximize production. Moreover, our vast global footprint allows us to maintain “core integrity” by not having to ship samples across the world for further analysis. As a result, clients benefit from quicker service and more accurate data.

Weatherford Laboratories provides industry-leading techniques to acquire, analyze and integrate key petrophysical parameters with reservoir characterization models.

Our project with a major operator in Colombia exemplifies the advantages of our integrated global presence and service offering, including Drilling Services, Well Site Engineering, Managed Pressure Drilling and Drilling Tools. In meetings with the operator’s technical experts and project leaders, services, procedures and deliverables were discussed in detail as well as the optimal location for laboratory services. Impressed with our new laboratory in Bogota, the operator chose the new facility so cores would not have to be shipped to Houston.

Weatherford’s Bogota, Colombia facility is one of eight Laboratories in six countries in Latin America.
Workers on site
Weatherford’s first unconventional well in Colombia using integrated solutions.

The project also integrated field technicians and gas content engineers from six different countries. This multi-cultural team conducted core preservation and gas content measurements on location and at our local facility following best practice procedures established by Weatherford around the globe. As a result, the client achieved state-of-the-art lab services within reach of a remote location that accelerated the process and saved valuable time.