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Optimizing Production with Near-Real-Time and Real-Time Data

Getting more for less for longer is a driving focus for today’s operators. While tools and technologies are proven pathways to this objective, at Weatherford our production optimization consultants harness the power of information to provide real-time and near-real-time optimization solutions that increase production and reduce our clients’ OPEX and CAPEX in both green and brown fields. 

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With operators looking to extract more hydrocarbons from reservoirs that would have been abandoned in the past, our global Production Optimization Consulting provides clients with a systematic, integrated and data-driven solution to proactively increase production and reduce costs.

To develop prudent reservoir management and practical production strategies, offshore and onshore operators must have reliable and accurate estimates of production rates and trends. Our integrated optimization solution deploys downhole sensing, automation and control, flow measurement and production software that provide actionable data for better asset and production management, allowing clients to maximize operations. 

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Production Optimization Software Real-time data from the field to the desktop enables efficient decisions. Using the LOWIS optimization system, a major operator in the Permian Basin was able to reduce failures and increase production. Overall, more than 1 million damaging strokes per day and 50 million cycles per day were eliminated.

Only Weatherford has the comprehensive range of products, production optimization consulting expertise and proven processes to create an integrated solution that allows clients to make operational decisions faster, easier and more effectively. We provide fit-for-purpose solutions for new and aging reservoirs, covering all applications including conventional and unconventional well environments. Unique solutions differentiate Weatherford for shale and tight reservoirs, heavy oil applications, subsea and deepwater plays and high pressure, high temperature wells.

Through our integrated data offerings, we provide technologies that help our clients produce more oil at less cost for a longer period.

As production activities move to more challenging locations, key production information becomes even more valuable. The Weatherford OmniWell® production and reservoir monitoring solutions, installed in thousands of wells globally, deliver reliable downhole pressure, temperature, seismic, flow and vibration data using both electronic and fiber optic sensing technology. Through data acquisition, visualization and analysis tools, the OmniWell solution provides actionable data, enabling more efficient decisions for well optimization.


Red Eye Subsea Water-Cut Meter
The award-winning Red Eye® Subsea Water-Cut Meter uses near-infrared light absorption technology to provide water-cut measurement, water-onset detection and water-to-hydrate interior-ratio measurement. The meter provides a critical water production profile for individual subsea wells to help operators evaluate down-hole production environments.

Another major component of our production optimization platform is flow measurement. Weatherford’s Red Eye® Subsea Water-Cut Meter changes the costly traditional method of installing a subsea multiphase meter on each well by providing a compact and costs-effective solution based on near-infrared spectroscopy that is installed directly at the subsea wellhead.

The Field OfficeTM production software suite links Weatherford production optimization data and information by providing an integrated field management system for well operations, alarms, enterprise management and engineering from a common database and is used on over 480,000 wells worldwide.

Proven around the globe, optimization solutions are employed by clients, such as Kuwait Oil Company in the Burgan Field KwIDF-GC1 project where Weatherford was engaged to aid in the achievement of corporate goals for the next two decades by integrating field instrumentation with workflows automated in software and focused collaboration. Since the project’s 2009 initiation, Kuwait Oil Company has benefited from the implementation of smart, intelligent and automated workflows allowing for optimized production and better reservoir management through subsurface integration (SPE167833).

In the Buzzard Field, Nexen Petroleum U.K. Limited worked with Weatherford’s production optimization solutions team to develop a life-of-field monitoring system strategy for 37 wells. Essential for the determination of well performance, the system included permanent flowmeter sensors and fiber optic gauges to deliver real-time production monitoring, optimization and data continuity (SPE 167431).