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Multidisciplinary Single-Source Solution for Well Abandonment

Well abandonment is a rapidly growing sector of the upstream oil and gas industry. Over the next two decades approximately $160 billion is expected to be spent on these activities. As a global provider of integrated services, Weatherford delivers well abandonment services that enable our clients to meet or exceed the latest regulatory requirements. We efficiently manage these operations with dedicated project personnel, a comprehensive product portfolio and all the required services from one integrated source.

“Weatherford’s plug and abandonment teams are setting the standard for operations and safety.” – Shell
Offshore well
With more than 20,000 offshore wells worldwide awaiting abandonment, Weatherford provides safe and secure operations to meet local regulation.

Well abandonment operations are an integral and inevitable component to the total lifecycle of a well. Similar to the drilling and well construction at the start of the well life, well abandonment requires a large variety of equipment and services. Weatherford provides clients with a single source for all operational needs by grouping multiple product lines into an integrated intervention and abandonment service package.

Our suite of services minimizes overall costs related to non-productive time while enhancing safety and avoiding additional remediation. As every well is different, we work closely with each operator to develop specific procedures that work best for their individual well configurations.

We provide a full scope of specialized technologies and expertise in well abandonment to effectively achieve multiple safety, regulatory and cost objectives.

Our single-source solution brings proven cost savings and increased safety to operators abandoning wells around the world. For example, in the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi Canyon, we delivered a multidisciplinary, single-source solution for intervention and plug-and-abandonment operations in 10 wells in 234 days that saved the operator $10.8 million. While our equipment is ideal for abandonment projects, it is also equally applicable to intervention operations in aging reservoirs.

  • 10 wells
  • 234 days
  • $10.8m saved

An integral part of the provided solution was Weatherford’s Rig-Free® Pulling-and-Jacking unit which served as the foundation for all operations. Offering a step change in technology for addressing well abandonment and late-stage intervention, it can replace costly jackup and workover rigs. Globally, this technology is also used for workover and intervention work in aging reservoirs. Combining the Rig-Free Pulling and Jacking unit with our Tubular Running services, Cementing Products, Wireline Services and Fishing and Rental Tool Services resulting in the 10 wells being plugged and abandoned 108 days ahead of schedule.