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Increasing Well Production with Industry-Leading Lift Solutions

With greater focus on optimizing well production, more operators than ever require artificial lift systems to squeeze out every recoverable drop. Client spending on Artificial Lift technologies was estimated to be $14.8 billion in 2014 and is expected to almost double by 2020, despite the recent downturn in oil prices. As the industry’s artificial lift leader, Weatherford provides advanced lift technologies for all markets and solutions to satisfy the full spectrum of artificial lift markets.

We pioneered unconventional production in heavy oil as well as coal bed methane, and have more artificial lift systems in shale plays than any other company. Weatherford is differentiated from other artificial lift suppliers by the breadth and depth of artificial lift solutions and by the experience the Weatherford production team brings to our clients.

Artificial lift
Weatherford's artificial lift portfolio can be deployed in any environment around the world.

As a service company with the most contemporary portfolio of artificial lift technologies, we guide clients on how to best use our technologies to reduce total costs and increase efficiency. We provide leading artificial lift systems and technologies that are designed specifically to optimize production and get the most out of the reservoir.

Weatherford teams with operators around the world to develop a systematic optimization cycle for individual wells and entire fields in all conditions.

Leading the way in technologies specifically focused on increasing production is our new Sand-Tolerant Pump (STP), which increases run time by up to 450%, far exceeding conventional rod pumps in sandy environments. The innovations built into the STP include an internal screen that keeps potentially damaging particulate matter away from the plunger-barrel interface while providing the needed lubrication for this critical area.


Sand-Tolerant Pump
The only one if its kind, Weatherford’s new Sand-Tolerant Pump extends pump runtime, reduces workover costs and optimizes production in sandy rod-pumped wells.

For rod-pumped wells in sand-laden fields around the world, this new technology represents a vast improvement in pump performance. It significantly reduces downtime, workovers, rig time and overall operating expenses, which is essential to maintaining profitability whether the price of oil is high or low.