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Enhancing Connection Integrity in Well Construction to Increase Recovery

As E&P operations continue to move into more complex reservoirs, the risks and costs of well construction also continue to rise. Addressing these challenges requires a collaborative approach to well construction and a solution integrating the many drilling, casing running and completions technologies with multidisciplinary teams that possess the necessary application expertise.

Our comprehensive approach incorporates our Completion Services to increase hydrocarbon recovery. Secure Drilling optimizes drilling performance, safety and economics. Drilling Tools, such as our RipTide® reamer with RFID-enable technology, enhances longevity and eliminates restrictions. This game-changing innovation enables activation and deactivation at any time during drilling or tripping. In addition, our ability to package Liner Systems in conjunction with other Well Construction products delivers greater cost efficiency to clients.

Weatherford has developed technologies that enhance the connection integrity through improved reliability to reduce the operating costs of well construction for our clients while simultaneously ensuring integrity at the same time. As a result, clients choose Weatherford to service over 35% of this Global $4 billion market.

Industry-leading and proven, Weatherford’s technologies and portfolio are applied and utilized across the entire well construction process.

Tubular Running Service (TRS) offerings provided by Weatherford during well construction. With the largest interrelated TRS service and technology portfolio in the world today, we provide clients with the essential collaboration that is critical to managing risk, and work together in the developmental stages of well construction to enhance both safety and wellbore integrity.

Complex environments increase cost and risk.


Enhanced connection integrity required!


Weatherford provide the industry's broadest TRS folio.


Weatherford captured 35% of a $4 billion market.

Our results in the Gulf of Mexico for a major operator are a testament to the effectiveness of our approach. By combining Well Engineering and Project Management together with Well Construction products, Drilling with Liner and Well Services, we effectively strengthened the wellbore and minimized losses for the client in less than a third of the expected time.

Worker at Port Fourchon
Located at the epicenter of deepwater drilling and production in the Gulf of Mexico, our Port Fourchon Fully Automated Bucking Facility features hands-free technology to enhance operational efficiency and reduce well construction costs.