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Collaborative, Safe and Effective Delivery of Wells from Planning Through Production

As operators continue to move into more challenging environments, the risks and costs involved in building high-integrity wells that meet both economic and production objectives have also risen. Ensuring that each step of the well construction process is seamless, and that adequate contingencies are in place to address potential issues, requires a methodical and collaborative approach. From planning the well to drilling, completing and producing, Weatherford collaborates with clients to introduce global best practices into their operations that ensure wellbore integrity for greater production.

A phased approach to assuring well integrity

  1. Design. Adaptable and scaleable.
  2. Drill. Accurate, reliable and increased performance from spud to total depth (TD).
  3. Construct. Efficient and reliable in the toughest of environments.
  4. Evaluate / Intervene. Precise and efficient.
  5. Produce. Productive and profitable fields.

Assuring wellbore integrity means successfully navigating through a myriad of challenges. Without a good understanding of these challenges, the operator runs the risk of not getting the well to target, improper casing design and equipment performance, well control issues, lost circulation, possible loss of the well or poor production performance.

Before the drill bit ever enters the well, our multidisciplinary team collaborates with the client to design out risk and design in lower well construction costs and longer production life. Throughout the well life cycle, we leverage the breadth of our technologies and expertise beginning with geoscience, well engineering and production consulting teams and extending to our entire product line offerings. These are enhanced with real-time surveillance built into the solution providing real-time hazard avoidance.

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Weatherford embodies teamwork, and it is that teamwork that helps us deliver innovative solutions to our clients again and again.
Through our world-leading experience and technologies, we help clients build and maintain more secure wells, reducing risk and optimizing performance. 

Around the globe, we help clients optimize the economic value of their reservoirs with one of the industry’s broadest offerings of expertise, services and products that span the life cycle of the well.

We plan integrity into the well. In Eastern Europe onshore, we provided pre-job pore pressure prediction and geomechanics studies and then continuously updated these studies in real-time as part of our drilling optimization services to solve traditionally high non-productive time associated with well control and stuck pipe incidents. Beginning with pre-job planning and modeling, a multi-product solution was created, and these findings formed the foundation of a plan to prepare for and avoid drilling hazards that resulted in the loss of hole sections in previous wells. Providing our client with situational awareness facilitated with real-time pore pressure and geomechanics analysis allowed the client’s decision to enhance the drilling program’s casing seat to avoid potential hole problems, delivering the well integrity required to ultimately finish the well to its planned total depth.

We plan in hazard avoidance. In Russia, we collaborated with a major national oil company to develop an improved drilling program to deliver enhanced wellbore stability. In an area with challenging shales, coals and severe losses, our multidisciplinary team worked closely with the client to identify and vet appropriate mitigating technologies and program enhancements which would result in a reduction of non-productive time and improved wellbore stability and therefore improved well economics.

We help avoid and manage risks while drilling. In offshore Latin America, we collaborated with a major operator to consistently drill multiple challenging wells that transversed depleted sands, faults and weak formations, delivering wells to their total depth while minimizing non-productive time. These wells were critical to deliver the client's contracted production.

We complete for a lifetime of integrity. In Oman, we performed detailed well engineering analysis for unconventional exploration projects and provided recommendations for well types, stimulation, completion and artificial lift.

We manage integrity. In Vietnam, working alongside a national oil company, we assisted with the creation of a regulatory approved well abandonment plan and enabled the client to regain well integrity of an offshore well by reestablishing the circulation path to access the formation and establish zonal isolation for all producing formations. This allowed the completion of the well abandonment process as per country regulations.