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Assuring Reliability with Advanced Formation Evaluation Technologies

The recent trend of geometric fracture designs have allowed for operational efficiencies but may lead to well-to-well productivity variance due to the heterogeneity in unconventional formations. Additionally, rapid decline curves in unconventional well production can complicate a client's field development plans. 

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With improved understanding of the formation characteristics, each stage and each fracture cluster of a completion can be fine-tuned for greater productivity.

To solve these critical client challenges, our FracAdvisorTM service offers an integrated approach which draws on a wide range of Weatherford products and services, including Wireline, Drilling Services, Laboratory Services and Completion solutions.

A new way to build effective and long-term relationships with operators, FracAdvisor provides guidance for enhanced completion decision-making, tailored to the operator’s particular reservoir. Unique to the industry, the service incorporates proprietary algorithms that weigh specific attributes according to the specific play, well or lateral.

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FracAdvisor service provides guidance to operators for optimizing completion designs, reducing operational risks and increasing efficiency of hydraulic fracturing operations for increased reservoir drainage.
Today’s challenges with well‑production variance and operational time constraints demand an integrated solution that’s based on the reservoir’s unique characteristics.

Using advanced and flexible modeling, Weatherford assesses natural fractures, evaluates hydrocarbon potential and calculates mechanical properties along horizontal or vertical wellbores in fields or basins. By evaluating attributes, we provide a reliable prediction of fracture potential, increasing the operator’s confidence by reducing uncertainty in the field development plan.

Our integrated evaluation process for optimizing completion designs is making a huge difference in fracturing efficiencies and effectiveness, as well as enhancing overall reservoir drainage for our clients. For example, in the Woodford Shale utilizing FracAdvisor enabled a 235% increase in productivity for a client when compared to a neighboring well that was completed geometrically. The cumulative difference in total production after 70 days was 16,700 BOE.

“Through the FracAdvisor service, we gained greater insights and understanding into our Woodford asset. With the enhanced confidence in exploiting this reservoir, we will continue operations using tailored completion designs.”Payne Energy

Integrated formation evaluation

Woodford shale client experience

235% increase in initial production

16,700 BOE after IP-70