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Accessing Reserves in Extreme Environments

With few easy fields remaining to be discovered and developed, especially in offshore environments, new approaches to drilling high temperature, high pressure wells are necessary to meet engineering requirements while keeping projects economically feasible. By leveraging our vast experience and innovative technologies, Weatherford is enabling clients to drill in reservoirs previously off limits due to high temperature.

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Our state of the art laboratory facilities have enabled the development of technologies to access reserves that have been previously off limits.
“Drilling time for the curve has been reduced by 80% with a record time of 9.75 hours.”Statoil

Our forward-looking portfolio of integrated technologies opens the door to new areas of development while significantly reducing drilling costs. We provide the latest sensor technology to deliver unprecedented clarity for new wellbore insights.

The Weatherford Revolution® suite of rotary-steerable (RSS) technologies provides industry-leading capabilities for drilling high-temperature/high-pressure (HTHP), high dogleg wells, vertical control and low cost rotary steerable options for any type of well. From conventional to offshore, Revolution RSS provides the industry a complete portfolio of advanced drilling solutions.

The Revolution RSS was selected by Statoil to address the high temperature characteristics of the Eagle Ford basin due to its ability to drill the curve and the lateral in one run and its reliability in temperatures exceeding 160˚C (320˚F).

Achieving drilling targets beyond 200C (392F)

The HeatWaveSM (LWD) service addresses tough challenges by acquiring data in extreme downhole temperatures.

We also allow for development of previously unattainable oil fields with our HeatWaveSM Extreme Logging-while-Drilling (LWD) service. A differentiating technology designed for hostile environment logging, HeatWave Extreme goes beyond traditional solutions, enabling drillers to accurately maneuver the wellbore to Total Depth (TD) when temperatures exceed 200˚C (392˚F), rather than having to pull out of the hole, do a re-entry or drill blind.

Our industry leading technologies allow clients to access previously unattainable reservoir reserves in extreme environments.

A vivid example of our strategic focus to develop the right technology for extreme environments through collaboration is the recent project between Weatherford and Chevron Thailand for their offshore gas wells in the Gulf of Thailand. Using HeatWave Extreme, we set a new record for drilling and evaluating at extreme temperatures and provide clients access to previously unattainable reservoir assets.